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In accordance with the art.13 of D.Lgs 196/2003 (of the privacy law) the undersigned Maeba International, in one’s capacity as owner of personal data treatments, inform that the personal information acquired on the basis of business relationship founded, will be object of treatment in the respect of the privacy law.

According to the treatments above – mentioned following the next information.

The aims to use yours personal data treatment conferred from yourselves are: the contract’s execution with you and the relative engagements, to fulfil law duties about the contractual relation, organizzative contract management, possible external professional collaboration, to fulfil law duties, contractual rights protection , internal statistic analyses, marketing activity through promotional and advertising material concerning products or similar service to the ones specified by business relationship, in already authorized and consented situations.

Personal data will be treated as paper and electronic form, and inserted into database and could be accessed and then be acquainted by the responsible of personal dada treatment designed by the owner as responsible of personal data treatment which could carry out consultation, treatment, elaboration, comparison and other operations even automated.

On the respect of the law dispositions carried out to assure by other means, preservation and security of personal data let alone integrity, to ensure the got up to date and the pertinence of data respect to the declared aims.

Conferring personal data is relative to execute all the necessary and useful activities at the execution of contractual and legal duties. Consequently the refusal to give personal data for this aim could lead to the impossibility of the writer to execute contractual relationship and law duties.

Personal data may be sent to the following categories’: post office, transport and courier businesses for the aspect connected of shipment and customs formalities, banks for cash management and payment, financial administration and other businesses or state in the accordance with law duties, companies and legal offices for the protection of contractual rights, agents, representatives who works for the writer, contractor companies, self-employed and committed companies, credit collection companies, our other customers and suppliers. Other external companies concerning contractual duties derived from formal business activity.

It is not foreste personal data disclosure.

In the respect of the above mentioned treatments there could be execute rights as of the art,7 D.Lgs 196/2003, in the respect of limits and conditions provided by art.8, 9 and 10 of the said legislative decree by writing or getting in touch with Maeba International.

For specific services diffusion by visitors will be supplied with a proper and request informative, where is necessary the personal data treatments consent:

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