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The wide range of fabrics in stock available in our warehouse allows us to offer Italian wholesale fabrics at a competitive price.

The advantage of our offer is on the immediate availability of items in differing quantities, compositions and colors without having to buy fabrics with a minimum production.

We strive to offer our customers a wide range of products, supplying an excellent balance between quality and price and constantly immediate availability.

As a result of our sampling system, we have been able to break the barrier of distance, a pivotal component in an industry in which the tactile experience is of foremost importance.

Why an Italian Wholesale Company?

When it comes to fabrics, the “Made in Italy” label has become extremely reputable and a symbol of quality. As an Italian Textile Fabric Wholesalers, Maeba International takes advantage of its geographical location in order to offer its clients great quality fabrics at a competitive price. Our staff gives great importance to our customers, making us your ideal wholesale fabrics suppliers!