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Italian fabric by the meter

Italian fabrics by the meter from Maeba

Maeba was founded Angelo Saporiti, an fabric expert with over 40 years of experience in the textile industry.  To cater for a growing market and increased demand, we opened a vast 7000m2 warehouse in Treviso in 2008. The new warehouse allows for space to stock over 3 million meters of fabric at any one time. Selling online to end users and to other businesses, we have a model that allows every customer to purchase as much or as little top quality Italian fabric as they need.

Italian fabric by the meterQuality and Choice at Maeba for italian fabrics

We stock the highest quality Italian fabric, suitable for a wide range of purposes from home furnishings to clothing. As well as traditional patterns and materials we also stock the latest trends, both in terms of fabric type and also in an array of colours and patterns. Our ever-growing fabric choice means that it’s easy to find the right fabric for the job. Customers can buy our textiles online, or come to our store to view swatches of all our fabrics.

Highest quality Italian fabric by the meter

Here at Maeba we sell to everyone from large commercial clothing businesses to haberdashery enthusiasts. In order to cater for all these customers, we sell our fabric by the meter as well as in bulk, allowing you to purchase as much or as little as you need. Businesses buying in bulk can purchase rolls of fabric by weight rather than length. This means that the fabric remains on the roll and arrives at your business delivery point ready to use. For customers that are looking for a smaller amount, simply order any of our Italian fabric by the meter.  We also send meter samples to existing and potential customers all over the world. Browse our online store today where you will find thousands of fabric options.